Arc Studio

Clojure/Script developer

Remote USA Only Published 2 weeks ago

About the Software Engineer position

We're a small team building a collaborative screenwriting app.

We are looking for a somewhat experienced Clojure/Script engineer for a full-time, part-time, or contract position. You don't need to be a Clojure expert, but you need to be productive in it and have used it in a non-trivial project before.

Arc Studio is a browser-, iOS- and electron-based app for real-time collaborative writing (similar to Google Docs). Experience with React based frameworks such as reagent or reframe is a big plus. Basic familiarity with the browser (HTML, CSS) is required.

There are interesting problems to work on ranging from an Operational Transform based distributed collaboration engine, git-style document branching & merging, to providing a fluid UI/UX across all platforms.


  • You love Clojure and ClojureScript and you are productive in it. Ideally, you have used it in a non-trivial project before (either a side project or professionally).
  • You have an advanced understanding of HTML, CSS and JS browser APIs. (e.g. you know how to use flexbox for layouting of a UI)

Bonus (all optional)

  • You have worked with a react-based ClojureScript UI framework before (e.g. om, reagent)
  • You've worked with re-frame or something similar and are comfortable building event-sourcing-based UI interactions
  • You have an eye for design
  • You have overlap with the US pacific timezone (the more the better)