Growth Engineer

Remote Europe & North America (East Coast) Published 2 weeks ago

🤔 Why are we opening this position?

GitBook - - is a modern documentation platform. Our ambition is to empower teams through a new document standard, suited for modern work and collaboration. GitBook is now used by over 1M users and thousands of teams such as Adobe, Netflix, Decathlon, or Google and backed by top partners such as P9 Capital, Notion Capital and Fly VC. ‌ We're currently working on a next product step to redefine "core team work" and with this in mind we're looking for a Technical Account Executive based in North America to help us deliver a stellar buying experience to our users.

🙌 What will you be doing ?

We're looking for a Growth Engineer to join our awesome Growth team, alongside Mario (Head of Growth), Hugh (Dev Advocate) and Scott (Product Manager).

In this position, you'll act as a bridge between marketing and engineering. You will help us build a scalable acquisition strategy through building and maintaining web-assets and driving product experimentation to increase funnel conversion. You'll also have a direct impact on our growth roadmap and experimentation process. ‌ On a daily basis you will:

- focus on boosting the conversion rate of our website, landing pages and blog via experiments, A/B testing and optimisation. We want to learn what can make us grow faster once you've joined the team 😎😎😎 - act as the owner of our website (We see it as a product). This will require you to understand and absorb our design system to ship experiments end to end and own the website and analytics stack. We're currently at 200K visits per month so you got lots of traffic to experiment on! - improve the onboarding and activation phases in the product itself. We have close to 25K signups per month, so there is a lot that can be done in improving funnel conversion. - build and maintain web-asset (e.g. GitBook Explore) and extensions of the product (e.g. content importers, experiments leveraging our API) - become the champion of the growth stack (aka technical referent). Your role is to echo the engineering style and culture in areas outside of the product codebase. - propose, implement and analyse the results of changes and experiments that are linked to our wider objectives. - help the growth team with acquisition initiatives that could range from data scraping to process automation (we have an amazing Head of Data, so this will be fun!)

The impact of your role will be huge. You will help marketing & growth increase the number of users signing up for GitBook and boost conversions throughout the funnel, so you'll have a direct impact on revenue! (we're growing fast!). As we're an early stage startup, there is a lot that you'll be able to bring to the role including setting your own roadmap and help us define the growth trajectory. You'll also work closely with our engineering and product teams so that you can feel part of the technical organization.

🛠 What tooling environment will you be working on ?

GitBook app: Typescript, React

Website: Currently Webflow (You can rip & replace with your own stack!)

Growth Stack: Hubspot, Intercom, Amplitude, Segment, DBT, Airflow, Snowflake (or add your own tools!)

** You will be valued for :

  • Your technical expertise (Typescript, React, Git/GitHub)
  • Your ability to build performant and accessible front-ends
  • Your ability to manage several projects at the same time (landing pages, SEO etc.) and successfully prioritise them in full-autonomy. ‌
  • Your outstanding communication skills. You're able to adapt to the needs of your interlocutors. You know how to discuss around technical challenges with non technical folks.
  • Your knowledge of web application architecture (Technical SEO is a +)
  • Your ability to successfully collaborate on cross-team work in a remote and async environment.

👥 Every single team member is a value addition to our culture, so it's important for us to state our values - ‌ 👍👍 While joining GitBook, you will also appreciate our Perks & Benefits -

✨ What's next ?

  1. We will take the time to review your application and we will get back to you within a week, regardless of our decision.
  2. As the next step, Morgane, our Talent Manager, will call you to ensure there is a correlation between GitBook's expectations, the role and your own expectations.
  3. Afterwards, you will be meeting with several members of our team to share about role specifics such as required skills, knowledge, abilities as well as working environment, day-to-day life..
  4. The last two discussions will be around cultural alignment. You will have the opportunity to meet with Samy, our co-founder, to discuss about GitBook's history, our vision and ambition, and ensuring you're also aligned with our culture and core values. And you will meet with 3 team members whom you haven't met yet to have a preview of GitBook's culture and daily life.**
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