Product Designer UI/UX

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Cerego is a platform that leverages cognitive science and AI to optimize human memory -- our most important asset.


MemoryManagement™ - Revenues generated via sales of Cerego’s B2B & B2C commercial products and the licensing of Cerego’s software and technology via APIs for customized usage in the areas of:

  • Learning & Training
  • Talent Identification & Placement
  • Intelligent Advertising

Problems & Cerego Solutions

  • People rapidly forget what they learn. Cerego accelerates learning and stops forgetting. (How? Check out our video)
  • Content creation is expensive and generalized. Cerego’s patented technologies auto-generate unlimited personalized learning content on any text or video topic.
  • Degrees are dated and skills are difficult to verify. Cerego identifies measurable talent, and continuously ensures actionable knowledge.


RememberThat™ (B2C -- individual focused) Cerego.com (B2B -- enterprise focused) We've built Cerego to be an incredibly versatile platform, because learning happens everywhere: at school, at work, and throughout life. Over a thousand organizations use Cerego already, including tons of schools and universities as well as businesses big and small. Dental students use Cerego to prepare for the board exam. Native American tribes use Cerego to help the next generation learn endangered languages. US Army soldiers use Cerego to learn first aid principles. Leading publishers and MOOCs use Cerego to make their traditional learning materials more adaptive. Cerego is everywhere learning happens. And now, we're in the process of building a brand new, B2C focused mobile app.

As a product designer at Cerego, you will be key in creating UI/UX for our new B2C mobile app, called RememberThat™. In addition, you will play a role in identifying and creating seamless learning experiences that work across platforms and in the wide range of learning environments our customers operate in. We're not designing for narrow use cases or established UX patterns; we are designing for people all over the world and are inventing a whole new kind of learning tool. If you like designing products that improve people's lives, you might like Cerego!

You'll be responsible for driving and delivering visual design across our products. We like to build functional, beautiful products that are highly accessible and really work.


  • 3+ years experience designing functional, well-loved products (big or small)
  • Experience with user research and initial UX/lo-fi product mockups
  • Experience creating high fidelity, polished designs
  • Experience designing for mobile. (As it turns out, mobile is the best way to learn)
  • Experience working with a B2C product
  • Experience working closely with engineering teams and working in an environment that prioritizes fast prototyping and frequent iteration


  • Full health benefits
  • Currently fully remote, with no existing plans to resume office-based work