Product Engineer

Remote CET±2h $70-85k Published 3 weeks ago

In short: Remote position in CET±2h. Build in React, TypeScript and Next.js. €60-70k and 0.8-1.2% stock options in the company. A joyful team building a joyful product with focus on all the details.

How did we design this role? 🎨

  • A love for polished experiences. We are used to building pretty custom components and flows. We make sure our users will get the best possible experience. It's important you enjoy the part of making things smoother after they already get the job done.
  • Working across roles. Agnes (Design) does her own improvements on the clients. Anabella, Ivo, Eric (Frontend, iOS) extend the backend as needed. Stefan (Design Engineer) literally does half design, half engineering.
  • Our stack. We love quality. Design-wise and engeering wise. We use React, Next.js, TypeScript, GraphQL.
TypeScript GraphQL
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